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 Storm 2 Ruleset Beta

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PostSubject: Storm 2 Ruleset Beta   Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:37 pm

This is the Beta of the ruleset for this site. Another version will be releases later, once we see what is appropriate.
NOTE: this ruleset is only for Storm 2 and applies to ranked Storm 2 matches on this site until further notice.
1.Best 3 out of 5 Set
2.99 seconds
3.Deidara Banned(support can be used)
4.Tenten Banned(support can be used)
5.Shino Banned(support can be used)
6.Susanoo Banned(Itachi can still be used just no awakening)
7.Sage/Hokage outfit Naruto awakening could only be used once per match.
8.Sasori Banned(support can be used)
9.Cannot have 2 attack type support characters while using any form of naruto, minato, and jiraya.
10.Temari Banned(support can be used)
11.Team Battles Only

This list will be edited later for a final copy.
Generations does not count for this ruleset.
If any player breaks these rules, take a picture or get proof and show it to a moderator, with the name of the offender and we will take care of it.
You can add new rules in the suggestion box and we will look at it.
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Storm 2 Ruleset Beta
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