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 Ultimate Ninja Forums Rules

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PostSubject: Ultimate Ninja Forums Rules   Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:04 pm

Ultimate Ninja Forums Rules are made to be followed and failure to do so, will cause suspension and banishment.
Rules to follow
1.Before writing a reply to a post, read ALL posts before it so you won't repeat something that was already said.
2.Do not reply with words that are 10 letters or less.
3.Do not reply to your old posts, just edit your current ones.
4.Do not insult other members on the forum.
5.Do not post topics that have nothing to do with the forum you are currently in.
6.Post the results of your ranked wins in the topic you posted them in.
7.Do not harass other members for their real life information.
8.No Pornographic images or links on this site.
9.Don't make more then one account.
10.Do not abuse the Rep system.
11.Do not sexually harass any member on this forum.

If you saw someone who broke any of the rules above PM me or any admin of this forum. But be sure you are not mistaken, and if possible, have some proof like a screen shot that shows the offense.
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Ultimate Ninja Forums Rules
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